UK Boiler Fit team

We provide annual servicing for all natural gas and LPG boiler brands and system types.

Our prices are set at

  • £70+ vat for servicing
  • £70+ vat for Landlords safety checks.

We also do a combined service and Landlords safety check offer of £120+ vat. (same property)

  • Some of the items we include in our servicing are:
  • Magnetic filter inspection and clean.
  • Clean and inspect condense trap.
  • Clean and inspect Burner and burner seals
  • Flue gas analyser to confirm burner performance.
  • Flue integrity test.

We also test gas fire and gas hobs as part of our Landlords certifications, the charge for this is £15+ vat per additional item.

This annual service is essential to maintain your manufactures warranty, its states in the small print that your boiler must be professionally serviced annually or you could loose your cover! It is also a very good way of identifying any smaller issues before they become potential problems.

You service your car? – It’s time to service your boiler!